Logisticomms Video Audit from Anchor Sound and Security

Discovery Meeting

What is a Discovery Meeting?

A scheduled video call, as little as 15 minutes long is held between the interested party and a Logisticomms consultant.


  • Introduction
  • Outline of what systems Logisticomms offer
  • Exploratory conversation about the client’s operation
  • Specific statistics and existing systems described
  • Potential assessed for a Logisticomms system that will pay back profits
  • Agreement of the way forward

What will you gain from a 15 minute Discovery Meeting with the Logisticomms team?

  • Insights into how security systems can work towards profit protection
  • Application to the statistics in your business
  • Knowledge of how Logisticomms test a potential project to prove a business case
  • Estimate of timescales for ROI on the investment
  • Scope to ask an expert any questions you have about security systems
  • Free advice that could have a big effect on your company’s performance and profit line
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Logisticomms Video Audit from Anchor Sound and Security

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